What you can expect from your first visit

You can expect to feel listened to, spoken to with kindness and be a decision maker in your own care when you are a client of Proactive Health and Movement.

We offer high quality health care because we offer appointment lengths that respect and appreciate it takes time to get to know you, to listen to you and to explain to you what you need to know so that you can feel empowered about your health.

Why Proactive Health & Movement exists

We believe there is the better way of delivering health care that so many are searching for.

Our founder, Daniel Monteleone, once found himself searching for better health care after significant injuries delivered firsthand experience of limited function, chronic pain and what it was like to ‘be the client’ rather than the treating practitioner.

Despite being a practitioner himself, he was rather inexperienced and was unsure of how to improve his own health and function. So began a long and expensive process with many practitioners but very little result. Eventually, after an exhausting process and looking for practitioners he could trust Daniel was able to move again at a high level, and live the life he wanted again – pain free.

Daniel was frustrated at the amount of resources it took for him to get physically and mentally healthy again. This experience galvanised him to develop his practitioner education, his skillset and ultimately, attain a passionate interest in chronic pain, movement therapy and holistic care.
Daniel wanted to provide the community with a trusted collaboration of practitioners who offer leading therapy with a focus on respect and empowering people.

Proactive Health & Movement is a commitment to the emergence of better health care, for everyone.

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