Feeling the Chocolate Blues after Easter?

It’s OK! It’s OK to feel down about having some extra Hot Cross Buns over the Easter weekend.

It’s OK to feel down about not getting as many vegetables over the Easter weekend.

It’s OK to feel down about having a side of chocolate eggs at breakfast, lunch and dinner over the Easter weekend.

It’s OK to feel down about opening the fridge and biting off the chocolate bunny’s right ear at breakfast time… And do you know why?

Easter was one weekend of the year.

We had 14 weekends before Easter, and we have had 1 since. (Oh, how has the year flown!)

One weekend out of 16 doesn’t mean that you have fallen off the wagon. Not even close. You’re probably still on the right track, and you can choose to continue the right track. The track isn’t smooth! It’s a lifelong journey that is rocky, bumpy and challenging at times. Easter has been and done, so take a deep breath. You’ve survived!

You’d be surprised how common food guilt is. It’s stems from childhood when food morality is glued into us just the same as social and behavioural expectations. And those habits are HARD to crack in adulthood. But you can do it!

Food should not be discriminated like it is in our society. We are very quick to place label after label on food, drinks, and meals. Good, bad, healthy, junk, wholesome, clean, fast, or naughty, you name it! We use negative connotations to describe our food all the time! But the thing is that food doesn’t have morality. It’s doesn’t make a distinction between right and wrong. We do that. It’s a humanism we place on food which literally doesn’t exist.

So next time you are trying to choose a meal. Get intuitive. Really intuitive. Is your stomach hungry? Or is it your mouth that wants a crunch? Or do you want the feeling of bubbles falling down your throat? Or is a glass of water which will really quench your thirst?

Whatever happens next, guess what! It doesn’t matter. What matters is getting in in-tune with your body, your appetite, your choices, your behaviour and your hunger.

That’s the real magic because there’s a time and reason for all foods. And ditch the food labels. What did that chocolate ever do to you to be called naughty?

Written by: Monica Wellington, Dietitian, Proactive Health + Movement

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