How do orthotics work?


Orthotics are devices that are discreetly fitted to the inside of shoes to influence the way your body moves (biomechanics). 

Why are biomechanics important for pain? 

The short answer is: 

An assessment and deliberate improvement in a person’s biomechanics can reduce pain. 

The long answer is: 

There is not always a clear reason as to why someone is in pain. This is because most problems that cause pain are multifactorial. That is, there is usually more than one specific reason. 

Some key factors to consider are: 

– Load – How much load (stress) is being applied to the body? 

– Capacity – Is the capacity (ability) of the body high enough to tolerate a particular load?  

The terms capacity and load are interrelated. For example: 

  • If capacity increases, the tolerance to load also increases.
  • If load is increases, the capacity of the body may not be high enough to tolerate the load. 

So if problems with load or capacity lead to injury or pain, then why are biomechanics so important for pain?   

In relation to gait (walking) or any movement, a person’s biomechanics (particular and repetitive movement) affects load and capacity. 

Pain reduction via orthotics and biomechanical therapy can be achieved by: 

1. A reduction in load and 

2. An increase in capacity   

Biomechanical therapy has the potential to reduce load and increase capacity simultaneously to significantly and quickly reduce pain. This is exactly why orthotic therapy is often recommended for people in pain, especially in cases of chronic pain. 

How can I find out more about orthotic therapy? 

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Written by:
Daniel Monteleone
Podiatrist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

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