Orthotic & Gait Clinic in Waurn Ponds near Geelong

Want to achieve a reduction in pain and do it fast?

Want a treatment option that will not only address pain and performance but will also provide you with a long term prevention of injury?

At Proactive Health and Movement, we understand the significant benefit that orthotic therapy can provide you and we understand what this may mean for your life.

This is because in prolonged cases, painful conditions can affect your participation in life and this can really get you down.

Our team love to empower you so you can do the things that you want to do again – pain free!

How Can Orthotics Help?

Podiatrists can treat a range of conditions with orthotic therapy.
Do you experience any of the following?
Lower Back or Hip Pain
Leg & Knee Pain
Ankle & Foot Pain
Arthritis & Joint Pain
Post Surgical Pain
If so, Orthotic Therapy can help.
How do Orthotics Work?

How do Orthotics Work?

We are always asked how orthotics work. It’s a great question! Here, Daniel Monteleone, Podiatrist explains how orthotics work.

We are more than a Podiatry and orthotic clinic!

Our podiatrists are also Strength and Conditioning Coaches accredited by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association and can help you achieve a significant reduction in pain and increase in performance with a blended orthotic therapy and strength and conditioning program.

This method is popular amongst athletes, people of any age and of any physical ability. It’s a popular therapy option given the reduced length of time it takes to achieve a reduction in pain and increase in ability to move well.

We receive a high volume of professional and word of mouth referrals for this type of management program.

We are here to help!

Professional Orthotic & Gait Clinic in the Waurn Ponds Area

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or reach out to us on the contact page. We are here to help!

You can expect to feel listened to, spoken to with kindness and be a decision maker in your own care when you are a client of Proactive Health and Movement.

What makes us different at Proactive Health & Movement is that we really care. We understand that the most important aspect of any health care experience is the relationship that you have with your practitioner and we understand that trust is an important element of our practice.

Our practitioners are also at the leading edge of health care because they up to date with current practice, are passionate about what they do.

Trust and relationship are at the core of our practice and because of this you can expect to feel listened to, spoken to with kindness and be a decision maker in your own care when you are a client of Proactive Health and Movement.

Our team of Podiatrists and Physiotherapists are committed to empowering all of our clients to understand why painful conditions arise. For this reason we will often perform an assessment on many other areas of the body to understand more and get you the best outcome.

It is not uncommon to assess a large majority of the body for a specific problem. Eg: A foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and spinal assessment may be completed for a painful knee. It is also standard practice to assess the spine, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet for a painful foot.

For this reason we ask you to wear what will help your therapist see and assess your body. Athletic shorts or leggings are ideal for lower limb problems and singlets are ideal for upper limb and back problems.

Changing rooms are onsite for your convenience.

No. You do not need a referral to see a Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist or a Remedial Massage Therapist.

Clients with support or claims through Work Cover, DVA, or EPC (Medicare) will require a GP referral to claim at the time of their appointment.

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