Daniel Monteleone

Daniel enjoys helping people improve their health and mobility and has a passionate interest in management of chronic pain and biomechanical therapy.

Daniel enjoys helping people with all aspects of sports podiatry including, gait rehabilitation and orthotic management. Daniel is an ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach an has a certificate in DMA Clinical Pilates. Daniel has a broad range of clinical experience in Pediatrics, Diabetes Management and General Podiatry.

Daniel loves to focus on:
– Clear communication
– Strategic diagnosis
– Understanding the cause of the diagnosis
– Short and long-term management plans based around your goals

As a fitness and martial arts enthusiast, Daniel has experienced more than his fair share of strains, sprains and broken bones. While injuries are never welcome, Daniel is grateful that firsthand experience has provided him with empathy and compassion that has changed the way he practices and allows him to connect with and help more people.