Ryan Michell

Ryan cares for his clients and loves to focus on each person and how their goals for therapy are important to their lives. Ryan has a special interest in active listening and is passionate about delivering health care with empathetic practice to see his clients excel.

Ryan understands that musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries can cause some real problems in people’s lives and so has developed a strong interest in the diagnosis and management of painful and movement related conditions.

Ryan loves instilling a sense of empowerment by offering education along with strength and conditioning elements to rehabilitation to help his clients have long term resolution and recovery.

Ryan’s background in the fitness industry gives him a practical understanding of strength and movement and his involvement with elite juniors and sports training has positioned him well to work with acute fractures, acute muscle sprains and strains and chronic pain presentations.

Ryan holds a Masters of Physiotherapy from La Trobe University and a Bachelor of Biomedicine from Deakin University.