What to expect at your first psychology appointment

You may be feeling nervous about coming to see a psychologist. It is normal for some people to experience fear about being judged or not connecting with the psychologist, and this can be daunting. 

The important thing to remember is that you have taken the first, and sometimes hardest step already – reaching out for help.

Your journey with Proactive Health and Movement

Firstly you will be greeted by one of our amazing, kind and warm Client Experience Customer Service Officers.

If you haven’t already completed our Client Registration Form online, our team will provide you with a paper form to complete. The form will include questions that cover:

  • Your basic demographic information 
  • Information on how did you heard about us
  • Our policies and rates

1. The focus of the first session with your psychologist is always to build trust, for you to feel safe and comfortable…and for us to ask questions so that we can understand to know what has been happening for you.

There will be an initial discussion that covers some housekeeping items. 

This will include things like;

  • What is a GP Mental Health Care Plan and how they are used
  • Confidentiality – the importance and limitations
  • Your Psychologist’s style and how they would like to support and work with you in the future e.g. collaborative 
  • The opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

2. There may be a questionnaire to complete to assist with the understanding so the psychologist can help you best. 

3. During the first session there will be some information gathering questions like:

  • what prompted you to seek treatment
  • your background
  • your life circumstances
  • any past treatment you’ve sought

4. There may be some subjects you’re not yet comfortable discussing. This is absolutely OK and, it‘s important to set boundaries and communicate your limits with your psychologist. Boundaries could be critical if you’re living with trauma.

Therapy needs to be a safe space and is designed to work for you. You get to set the pace!

5. You may also have questions for your psychologist and this is OK and will be encouraged.

Summary of the Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

A wonderful benefit of seeing a psychologist is having somewhere safe to open up about your feelings, experiences, worries and concerns. 

Remember seeing a psychologist is a confidential space where you can discuss what’s bothering you with an objective ear – someone who does not judge you, and someone who has a vested interest in your well being. 

Seeing a psychologist shouldn’t have a stigma attached to it. 

It means you are taking your mental health seriously, and everyone can benefit from seeing a psychologist at different times in their lives. 


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