“I have hard skin underneath my feet and it’s getting sore!”

Has anyone ever explained to you WHY?

Whenever I have someone come in to see me with hard skin that is causing them pain, I firstly like to help them with their pain, but then also help them to understand what is causing it in the first place.

I can very easily reduce the skin underneath your foot to make you feel more comfortable. The only thing is, if nothing else changes, the problem will come back!

Every couple of months you can come in and we can make your skin feel better, which is what many people are after! If you’re like me and are someone who likes to figure out why though, or is after a long-term solution, then we can do some further investigating.

Hard, thickened skin underneath certain areas of the foot is a result of a build-up of pressure over a period of time. The skin overgrows in the area as a way of protection, which is what we want! (our body is really smart to do this). If this goes on long enough though, it may eventually cause a painful or unsightly problem (which we don’t want!).

This pressure can be due to a number of things, including the way we walk, the shoes we wear, the activities we are doing, the strength of our muscles and the function of our joints. If you have a painful build-up of skin underneath your foot, we can look at these things and give you some other options. These include upgrading your footwear, some orthotic insoles, and strengthening exercises to name a few.

So, if you’re frustrated with having to have hard, thickened skin removed every couple of months, then let’s look a little deeper and potentially come up with something more proactive!

Written by:
Daniel Monteleone
Podiatrist, Strength and Conditioning Coach

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